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Minimalism is so back. just kidding. can you imagine? WordPress theme development isn’t easy. The old theme I used is abandonware and not super performant. Their plugins are great through, they work on neve FSE which is what this is using.

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There’s lots of people in tech spaces looking for a way to use their skills for good. You can engage as much – or as little – as you like. Every little bit helps, and one subject matter expert can organizers a ton of time with little effort.

newsletters are the the trust continuation of socialist praxis over time. like any true socialist though I like waking up late and like the idea of writing more than I like the actual act of writing or- god forbid – editing. you should still subscribe though.

From the blog

Blogging is that thing people used to do before “microblogging” services like Twitter or X. If you know what the word “microblogging” means you are probably a nerd over 30. They’re a relic of a former, mostly worse, time. They’re simple and stable, though – a great backup plan to rely on as billionaires destroy all the social media services we love.