Department of public services

If you’re a socialist in tech, finding software that helps you organize effectively can be challenging. The department of public services is a directory of DSA tech tools and my own resources that are free for any DSA members. Tech is hard, but we can make it a little easier when we work together.

national DSA staff resources

Need help with official DSA technology matters like your chapter’s member data or tools that use member data? DSA’s OrgTools (run by staff) offers a help portal where you can make requests for apps that touch member data, such as Spoke, Action Network, VAN, and the dialer. You can also request a short link.

DSA national tech committee (NTC) resources

DSA technology help is also provided by your fellow comrades! The Democratic Socialists of America National Tech Committee has a few great tools to help DSA chapters succeed. I’m on the steering committee and the chair of the WordPress commission. The NTC provides WordPress hosting and static site development help for chapters, and national bodies can get help developing WordPress sites as well. Reach out the NTC for more info.

hosted by

If you’d like to use a spelling and grammar checker that’s free, easy to use, and respects your privacy, I self-host LanguageTool.

N8N is a wonderful service that lets you connect hundreds of different applications and services to create automations. If you’ve ever used a no-code tool like Zapier, AppSheet, or others, n8n will look familiar. It’s how I built an Action Network sync job to keep a Google sheet up to date, and in the future it will automatically prune Slack membership based on dues status.

I’m able to quickly spin up instances of Loomio, Discourse, Mattermost,, and other Cloudron apps. I may not be able to host them forever, but you can take them for a spin to see if they’re worth more investigation on behalf of your chapter or WG.

Contact for information if you’re interested in using anything above.