The main problem with AI companies in thirty seconds

A user wearing the Humane Pin, touching it to speak to it.

Humane, an AI startup funded by some of the biggest names in tech, launched their new AI assistant device today with a ten-minute video with production value that would make Steve Jobs roll in his grave. The device has been in the works for years and was teased at high-end fashion shows. It costs $700 and requires a monthly subscription that pays for a cellular data connection to access the AI. It uses a laser display to show information on your hand and recognizes gestures. The marketing of this product is a clear signal that the company expects this device to herald us all into a new AI-powered era.

Humane employees showed the pin performing various tasks. A user holds up about a dozen almonds and asks the AI how many grams of protein it contains. The AI says 15 grams, which is obviously, immediately wrong to anyone who has ever counted calories.

The people designing the most hyped, most funded, most advanced AI didn’t bother to check its output when showing it to the world for the first time. They didn’t check because they don’t care. The accuracy of the AI isn’t the only thing that’s irrelevant, the entire technology of AI is irrelevant to this AI-centric device. Apple’s 30% cut of all App Store revenue is top of mind for everyone in the AI space, and they’re trying to figure out how to make the next iPhone – it doesn’t matter what’s inside it or how it works.