What’s in the PIPELINE for the upcoming hot open source summer of socialism.tools
Socialism.tools Admin

I haven’t posted in a while, so to let the several people who actually read this blog know that I am both not dead and still working, here’s what I’ve got in the drafts:

  • FreeScout vs OSTicket – which FOSS helpdesk solution works best for the cost-conscious and on-the-move socialist?
    • Preview: FreeScout is newer, shinier, and comes with more DLC than a Paradox game. OSTicket has been around forever, and both functions like it it (mostly good, it’s full featured) and looks like it (very bad)
  • Cloudflare – is it a good idea to use at all? Maybe not! Is there anyone else who can fill all the gaps? Well…….
  • A second, more in-depth look at Zulip (by request)
  • A second look at Rocket Chat, why the push messaging limit is worse than I thought
  • Part 3 of the zero-to-totally-FOSS guide that covers document editing. This is gonna take a while.
  • Password managers – why you (and especially your org!) should use one, and why it should be Bitwarden (or possibly 1password)
  • How buying an ortholinear split keyboard kills your WPM and therefore your blogging productivity
    • jesus christ typing anything takes forever
    • i would give up but I’m much too stubborn

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