What I learned from (briefly) building a multilingual site
Written by Socialism.tools Admin
Published July 15, 2022

TL;DR I am not equipped to manage a multilingual site. Translations will be going away…for now

Last year, I wrote about enabling WMPL on this site to make it more accessible to more people. It took some work to set up, but ultimately, I got it working with automatic machine translation.

Unfortunately, WPML was even more complicated than I thought it would be. The final straw was Sensei LMS — WPML is allegedly compatible with Sensei (according to the sensei devs) but it caused several issues, the two most important ones I have yet to find a fix for.

The first was that questions simply didn’t behave properly with WPML on — they frequently disappeared, wouldn’t work, or generally behaved oddly. At some point, WordPress made thousands of copies of the questions, clogging the list, and WMPL translated each one. The new Learning Mode, which I was very excited to use, also doesn’t work with WPML.

I tried to troubleshoot that issue and report it to the Sensei devs, but I just don’t have the capacity to continue troubleshooting (I’ve been working on an exciting project with the NTC I hope to talk about publicly soon).

Translations are now gone from socialism.tools and won’t be coming back soon, but they might be back one day.